Avatar/LJ Icon Tutorial:
Written by Aly. Done in PS 7.0


How to turn this:

Into This:

1:  Choose your image, and crop it to 100x100 pixels, and sharpen*

2: Copy your image, and set the blending option to Screen, Opacity 40%.

3: Open the Hue/Saturation window (Image >> Adjustments >> Hue/Saturation...)
Saturation: 20

4:  Make a fill color layer (Layer >> New Fill Layer >> Solid Color...) Set Mode to Exclusion, Opacity 50% and fill with color #7F0F00

5: DO NOT merge layers (Ctr+Shift+E)

6: Make another fill color layer, set Mode to Luminosity, Opacity 20% and fill with color #D60000.

7: DO NOT merge layers.

8:  Copy your base image, bring to top and set as Soft Light, 30%.

9: Merge layers (Ctr+Shift+E)

10: Open the Selective Color window.  (Image >> Adjustments >> Selective Color...)
Blacks: Cyan 0, Magenta 0, Yellow 0, Black +40

11: Add text, textures etc and you're done!  I added this texture (Screen, 100%) and erased the little bits that interfered with Frodo's face.


*Please remember that sharpening always depends upon the image you are using.