Avatar/LJ Icon Tutorial:
Written by Aly. Done in PS 7.0


How to turn this:

Into This:

1:  Choose your image, and crop it to 100x100 pixels, and sharpen*

2: Copy your image, and set the blending option to Screen.

3: Open your Selective Color option. (Image >> Adjustments >> Selective Color...)
Set your Method to Absolute.

4: Follow these instructions:
Cyan -100, Magenta 0, Yellow -100, Black 0
Cyan 0, Magenta -75, Yellow - 90, Black 0
Cyan +5, Magenta 0, Yellow -25, Black +5
Cyan, 0, Magenta 0, Yellow 0, Black +100

5: Now go forth and customize at will!


PS: This is my absolute favorite coloring for icons. I'd love to see your results!!


*Please remember that sharpening always depends upon the image you are using.